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Wacom Intuos Art by EclypseDragn
I am EclypseDragn, or Eclypse for short.
I am a young artist who creates art in many different forms such as painting, digital art, and more!
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    Cyrin stared at the ground as she made sure to keep her smaller wing on Mya’s back to lead her. She looked over at little Mya, aware of her light grey fur turning brown at her paws due to the amount of mud below. She looked back in the direction the two were going, then realized that they had overshot the next turn. She stopped dead, then let her wing drag along Mya’s back as she kept walking. Almost immediately as she felt Cyrin’s wing drag back, Mya stopped in her tracks and turned around. Cyrin glanced at her little friend’s dead eyes.

    Mya was blind, small, and fragile. Cyrin and Mya had been together almost their entire lives, never separated. Cyrin at first stayed with Mya just because she felt pity for the blind pup, but then stuck with her because she had felt so attached to her.

            Cyrin put her wing back on Mya’s back and began walking back to camp.

* * *

    “Are you alright?” Mya asked suddenly.

    “I’m fine. Why do you ask?” Cyrin replied, flicking her tail towards the fire that was keeping them warm, then using a long, fallen branch to drag a half eaten mouse to her mouth.

    “You haven’t spoken ever since our last catch.” Mya murmured. She picked up a stick, then tossed it. A tiny, silhouetted blur chased right after the stick.

    The girls’ pet Adalon, Ky, came skipping back with the stick dangling from its mouth. Ky was an ecstatic, energetic little Adalon- When has there ever not been an energetic Adalon?- With dark blue fur, light yellow tinted glass terrariums, and a yellow tipped tail. Faint yellow and light blue stripes were laid along his neck, ankles, and ears. His little tuft of fur on the tip of his ear was a greyish yellow color, and puffed up like a little cloud.

    Inside of his terrariums, he held water in his paws and back, a mini mushroom land in his underbelly, and gravel in his head.

    As for Cyrin and Mya, they were just the ordinary creature. Nothing super special about them. Mya was blind, though, so she was at least more special than Cyrin.

    Cyrin’s fur was a rich, dark brown color, and her underbelly was a light, soft caramel color. The feathers along her wings were light grey, and her paws were light grey as well. The light grey on her paws faded to dark brown in a fizzle of spots. Cyrin’s eyes were a startling light blue, with noticeable bits of yellow in the light blue. She had two pairs of wings, one very small pair on the inside, and one large pair on the outside.

    As for Mya, her fur was pure white. Her underbelly was a dark brown, and so were her paws. Her eyes were only a cloudy light blue, and she had no wings.

    “Cyrin?” Mya called, breaking Cyrin’s thoughts.

    “I’m fine, Mya,” Cyrin replied reassuringly, patting Ky when he came up, stick still in his mouth, and nudged her.

    Mya twitched her ears doubtfully. “Cyrin.. Have you been using your powers again?” She asked quietly, a grim hint of worry in her voice.

    Cyrin froze.

    There was a secret about Cyrin that was kept between the two girls. Cyrin had a special type of power, a power where she could do almost anything. However, using her powers harmed her. Physically.

    “No,” Cyrin replied grimly. She stared at the ground, listening to the light pitter patter of rain.

    They were shielded from the rain by a low overhang of rock. The rock made a widely spread ceiling, with no walls. It was where they sat to start fires and breathe fresh air, but they had used some magic and time to dig out the rock overhang, to create little rooms in the rock for them to use. While they were digging, they had realized that there were little hollow pockets in the rock, large enough to use for rooms.

    The extremely worried expression on Mya’s face caused Cyrin to change the subject quickly.

    “I’ve been having some ideas about going to the mainland,” Cyrin told Mya.

    Cyrin and Mya haven’t been to the mainland before. They had only ever gone to the outerlands to find small stores to buy things you couldn’t find normally in the wild on your own. There, they would scour for any amount of jewels or gold and buy scrolls, ink, quills, and much more.

    “Wait, really?” Mya yelped with surprise and excitement. Cyrin noticed her tail flipping back and forth with joy.

    “Yes, really,” Cyrin said, standing and waving out the fire with her tail.

    Cyrin listened to Mya as she began chatting about her hopes when they get to the Mainland, explaining with her vivid imagination what it would look and be like. They both disappeared into the rock tunnel as Cyrin heard the last embers burn out.

    Each of them slipped into a room, and Ky sat outside to guard.

    Just before Cyrin slipped into sleep, she heard a soft voice.

    “Cy…?” Mya called weakly.

    “Yeah, Mya?”

    “When we get to the mainland…”

    Mya paused.

    “Will you take care of yourself still?” She finally asked.

    “Of course, Mya,” Cyrin replied, feeling her insides being twisted at the sound of Mya’s worry.

    “Okay,” Mya said, sounding doubtful.

    There was nothing but silence and rain the whole rest of the night.


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